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2 May 2022: One event

  • Invited Talks

    Monday 2 May 14:00-15:30 - Élodie Bidal - SyMMES, CEA, Grenoble

    Development of fiber optic biosensors: towards in vivo molecular diagnosis

    Résumé : Optical fibers are minimally invasive devices commonly used in medicine to image tissues in vivo by endoscopy. For in vitro analysis, biochips are a fast-growing approach to perform multiparametric diagnostics from biological fluids (blood, urine, saliva). The coupling of these two technologies would give rise to a novel tool capable of performing real-time, remote, in situ, and multiplexed molecular analysis. Such a tool could bring important progress in the medical field. Indeed, when imaging techniques are insufficient to establish a diagnosis, it is necessary to perform biopsies, a long and invasive procedure. The use of fiber-based biosensors would allow faster (real-time) and less invasive analyses directly at the level of the diseased tissue, thus shortening the diagnosis time.
    To date, there is no sensor able to perform a biomolecular analysis in situ, label-free, highly multiplexed, and adapted to measurements in complex environments such as in vivo.
    The objective of my research projects is to contribute to the development of such a sensor. During the seminar, I will present two approaches based on surface plamon resonance and interferometry.
    Contact: Aurélie Dupont

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