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25 octobre 2021: 1 événement

  • Séminaires Invités

    Lundi 25 octobre 14:00-15:30 - Hugo Perrin - TU Delft

    Dense suspensions : hysteresis and finite-size effects.

    Résumé : Dense amorphous media close to the solid-liquid transition present a rich phenomenology such as hysteresis, finite-size, or nonlocal effects and dilatancy. Understanding these phenomena is a major challenge to describe the flow of granular media, foams, or soft glassy materials. It is also important in geophysics to comprehend the occurrence of earthquakes, landslides or avalanches. In those experimental studies, we developed a model granular system in which it is experimentally possible to tune, and even eliminate, solid friction between grains. This system allow for the first time to identify the origin of hysteresis and finite-size effects. On the one hand, we showed that interparticular friction is the key ingredient for hysteresis and leads to a velocity-weakening rheology ( On the other hand, our recent experimental study of finite-size effects on avalanche angle evidence that they do not cause hysteresis but reflect the jamming criticality in frictionless granular flows. ( These results challenge previous interpretations and could lead to new theoretical models based on the physics at the particle scale.

    Contact : Romain Lhermerout

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