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11 October 2021: One event


  • Local speakers

    Monday 11 October 14:00-15:00 - Jean-Louis Barrat

    [INTERNE] Heat transport in solids: macroscopic description and microscopic calculations

    Résumé : Heat transport in solids is described by Fourier’s law and the heat equation, which reduces to the diffusion equation in the linear regime, but can also lead to interesting nonlinear behavior. In the presence of interfaces, the so called Kapitza resistance must be taken into account, and interface effects are used to increase, for example, thermoelectric efficiency. The corresponding transport coefficients (thermal conductivity and Kapitza resistance) can be obtained from a microscopic description of the solid, using either phonon kinetic theory or the Green-Kubo, statistical physics approach. I will discuss how the latter can be extended to take into account quantum effects on the atomic motion, within a path integral formalism, and the associated difficulties.

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