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18 January 2021: One event

  • Invited Talks

    Monday 18 January 15:00-16:30 - Benoît TALLON - Laboratoire ISTerre Grenoble

    Wave Propagation in Fish Schools: Biomass Assessment and Bioinspired Systems

    Résumé : Wave transport in complex media is widely studied through calibrated model systems. At the laboratory scale, those heterogeneous systems range from nano-powder (in optics) to millimetric bead aggregates (in acoustics). Such samples are designed to strongly scatter waves and achieve exotic transport phenomena such as sub-diffusion (a wave trapping effect). Although those observations need complex samples, we have recently observed similar transport of sonar waves in dense fish shoals. While such effects are sought by physicists, wave scattering is also prejudicial for sonar imaging methods employed by fisheries biologists.
    In this work, I propose to bring the two communities together around scattering systems inspired by dense fish shoals. These bio-inspired systems would lead to i) the observation of exotic acoustic phenomena and ii) the improvement of fisheries acoustics methods in the case of dense schools.

    contact: Philippe Marmottant

    Lieu : LIPHY, conference room - 140 Avenue de la Physique 38402 Saint Martin d’Hères

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