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19 février 2020: 1 événement

  • Soutenances de Thèse/HDR

    Mercredi 19 février 14:00-17:00 -

    PhD - Medhi Inglebert

    Résumé : Blood flow in biomimetics microchannels : a study of the endothelial function
    The endothelial function is responsible for maintaining vascular health and its dysregulation is at the origin of numerous vascular pathologies such as atherosclerosis or angioedemas. Indeed, endothelial cells are present on the internal surface of all blood vessels and are therefore in direct contact with blood flow. Blood flows generate frictional forces on the surface of endothelial cells which results in modification of their morphological characters but also their biochemical response. We have therefore developed a biomimetic system to reproduce the physiological mechanical environment of the endothelium. To do this we use a microfluidic system where the cells are cultivated in a confined way in micro-channels and in the presence of a continuous flow. This device allowed us to study the effect of mechanical and metabolic disturbances on the phenotype and the permeability of a model endothelium.
    La soutenance sera en anglais

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