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19 December 2019: One event


19 December 2019: One event

  • PhD’s defenses/HDR

    Thursday 19 December 2019 13:30-17:00 -

    PhD - Luiza Filipis

    Résumé : Étude optique et computationnelle de la fonction des canaux ioniques neuronaux
    The study of ion channels is of crucial importance in modern neuroscience. Ion channels in neurons are responsible for a variety of fundamental physiological processes, while their malfunctions are linked with several human diseases.
    This work introduces the development of cutting edge technologies for fast ion imaging in single neurons in brain slices. The rich experimental information are then used for the extraction of the individual currents with the development of computational models using the NEURON simulating environment to match the optical data.
    Jury de thèse :

    • M. Massimo Mategazza, DR INSERM - IPMC Nice, Rapporteur
    • M. Stéphane Dieudounne, DR INSERM - ENS Paris, Rapporteur
    • Mme Eirini Papagiakoumou, CR INSERM - Institut de la Vision Paris, Examinateur
    • Mme Cécile Delacour, CR CNRS - Institut Néel Grenoble, Examinateur
    • M. Bertrand Fourcade, Pr UGA - LIPhy Grenoble, Examinateur

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