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10 octobre 2019: 1 événement


  • Séminaires Internes

    Jeudi 10 octobre 2019 11:00-12:00 - Irina Mihalcescu

    [INTERNE] Export, timing and shared risks…in bacteria

    Résumé : Bacteria are the simplest form of self-sufficient organisms. They grow and divide, respond to external cues, develop adaptation and repair mechanisms in response to internal and environmental stresses. Information flows from their unique chromosome to RNA and proteins into intricate regulatory networks with multiple feedback loops. The small number of molecules involved and the rare events in some reactions of these complex networks create different outcomes for similar initial states. Over the last 20 years, tremendous progress have been done in the understanding and quantitative description of these processes.
    In this talk, I will focus on three aspects of bacterial behavior, first : the export of flavin in Escherichia coli and its consequences on the quantitative description of dynamic response in a bacterial population. Secondly, for cyanobacteria, I will revisit the circadian clock, an adaptive response to day-to-day changes in the environment. In the end, I will introduce our work on blinking bacteria and their relationship (or not) to the bed hedging strategy for survival as a population facing different stresses.

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