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26 September 2019: One event


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    Thursday 26 September 2019 11:00-12:00 - Marie Plazanet

    [INTERNE] Structure and dynamics of aqueous ternary mixtures

    Résumé : Ternary mixtures, according their compositions, may form heterogeneous phases, from spontaneous micelle formation to phase separation. In this seminar, I will give an informal presentation of recently initiated projects on two different example.
    The first one concerns aqueous biphasic systems (ABS), made of ionic liquid, acid and water, studied in the scope of metal extraction (as presented by I. Billard in a recent LIPhy seminar).
    The second example is the one of ultrasoft or surfactant-free microemulsions, formed by a short alcohol, a longer one and water (typically n-octanol, ethanol, water). This kind of mixtures is often present in cosmetics, perfumes or alcoholic beverage such as Pastis or Ouzo, giving the name of the cloudy region of the composition diagram (Ouzo effect). The techniques, based on optics or neutron scattering, that will be used for the study of structural organization and dynamics at the microscopic scale will be presented.

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