Current and past hot topics include :
Puce Applications of the Frequency Shifted Feedback Laser (or Modeless Laser)
       Puce Dual-wavelength laser for THz generation (patent)
       Puce Intra Cavity Laser Spectroscoppy (ICLAS)
       Puce Telemetry
       Puce Laser Guide Star and Modeless Laser (FSF) [ in memory of Vincent -- click here]
Puce CuHBr (or HyBrID) Laser
Puce Spectroscopy, dynamics, statistics and chaos of highly excited molecular states (en construction)
Puce Hyperfine interactions in diatomic molecules, gerade-ungerade symmetry breaking and hyperfine pre-dissociation (thèse d'état)
Puce Order-disorder transition in NH4Cl crystal from linear and non-linear optical methods (thèse 3ème cycle)
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