Master's internship and PhD studentship openings: mechanics, biophysics, applied mathematics.

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Students and post-docs


Nilankur Dutta

PhD student, funded by Tec21, 2016—

Nilankur is jointly directed by Guy Blanchard and works on the subcellular dynamics of pulsatile actomyosin during embryo development.


Haythem Chelly

PhD student, 2017—

Haythem is jointly directed by Pierre Recho and Claude Verdier. He works on the mechanics of cell migration.


Sara Bouizakarne

PhD student, 2018–

Sara's question is about the mechanical role of the anisotropy of actomyosin. She's co-supervised by Alice Nicolas (LTM) and Grégoire Michaux (IGD Rennes) and will use both in vitro (monolayers in nanofrabricated environments) and in vivo (C. Elegans) systems to investigate this.



Julien Fierling

Post-doctoral researcher, 2016–2017

Julien, along with Catherine Quilliet and Philippe Marmottant, works on the physical principles of the deformations of the Drosophila embryo during gastrulation.


Guido Vitale

Post-doctoral research fellow, ANR Transmig, 2013–2015

Guido Vitale focuses on the mechanical equilibrium of spreading cells and of cells undergoing diapedesis. He is also interested in the inverse problem in traction force microscopy.

Numerical methods

Mahamar Dicko

PhD, Université de Grenoble, 2016

During his PhD thesis, jointly directed with Pierre in the applied math laboratory in Grenoble, Mahamar Dicko has developed a numerical method in order to solve flows occuring along curved deformable surfaces of the space.

Preliminary work is described in Mahamar Dicko's poster (in French, poster prize at SMAI conference 2013).

This novel method is implemented as an extension of the rheolef finite element software.

Among the applications, we will focus on the mechanics of Drosophila germ band extension in collaboration with the group of Benedicte Sanson in the University of Cambridge, see our PLOS Computational Biology paper.

Download Mahamar's thesis (in French)