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Dear Students, post-docs, engineers,

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary physics laboratory. You will find here many opportunities for internship at various level (undergrad, graduate, post-doc, ...).

The LIPhy is an Interdisciplinary lab where you can address many fields of science from a physicist view point. This includes (but not limited to) : life sciences, complex and soft matter, material science, advanced optics, environment (including other planet’s), statistical physics, complex fluid dynamics, ...

Once you have selected the opportunities you’re interested in, please contact directly the main PI of the proposal.

A reasearcher at LIPhy, Didier Mondelain, is also in charge of having an eye on any sort of difficulty you may encounter. Don’t hesitate to contact him for any kind of information or request.

So, look through our offers, find your dream project, and welcome among us.