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Flight of SARA in the sky of the North Pole

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The trace gas analyzer SARA (Spectroscopy by Amplified Resonant Absorption, also known as OF-CEAS) based on high-sensitivity absorption spectroscopy and developed at LIPhy, has flown the 24 April 2011 with the SPIRALE platform carried by a stratospheric balloon over the sky of Kiruna (Sweden). This allowed CO and CH4 concentration measurements from the ground up to a 14km altitude, providing results in perfect agreement with a more bulky and complex instrument already present on the SPIRALE platform. Such measurements are important since they allow to explore the effect of climatic change on the physical-chemistry of the atmosphere. The compact SARA instrument is thus validated for stratospheric measurements and will allow for easier analysis of atmospheric trace molecules during future field campaigns

SARA in Kiruna
Details and results of the experiment