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From Dec. 2017 until Feb. 2020, I worked as the CEO of Kapflex, a company I have co-founded.

This project won the iLab 2018 Prize, granted by French Ministry of research

Thanks to many patents, we are able to develop innovative solutions regarding fluid level sensing, multiphase flows, sensors fro cryogenic applications an much more. Fill free to contact us to see what we can do for you.
2016/9/6 : Kapflex enters Airbus Bizlab acceleration program.

Inventive activity


I have been inventing several sensors to be implemented in industrial environments.
For instance, I have invented a helicopter maintenance tool that allows an automatic draining of an helicopter tank, also suitable for aiplanes.


At the origin, in 2005, I developed high performance capacitive level sensors that can work in cryogenic and other harsh environments.
This led to a first patent : Planar capacitive device for measuring liquid levels : see the international patent
This invention has later been tested in a rocket tank within the HX-G program by Air liquide DTA. (see description p.4 in the Cryoscope, issue n°49), where it is explained that they are "new level gauges for liquid oxygen and hydrogen, compact and easily integrated into the tanks, while also being longer to collect more information."

activity as a consultant

In 1998 I already worked as a consultant for the ESRF where I developed a circulating helium cryostat, and since I have been working on many industrial projects and studies to develop Proof of Concepts for companies like Airbus Helicopters adn to invent new devices.