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United, we stand

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By orienting themselves to each other, fish increase their individual ability to find a preferred direction such as the direction of the flow. Indeed, in the presence of current in rivers or in the sea, a school of fish can decide to remain motionless to feed, for example.

To do this, each fish has to find the right direction to swim against the current : this is called rheotaxis. In this numerical study, we first modeled the social interactions within the school that cause the fish to align with each other. Then, by adding these fish-alignment interactions to an individual rheotaxis effect, we show that in a noisy environment, individual rheotaxis is reinforced by social fish-alignment interactions.

Voir en ligne : Collective orientation of an immobile fish school and effect on rheotaxis Renaud Larrieu, Catherine Quilliet, Aurélie Dupont, and Philippe Peyla Phys. Rev. E 103, 022137 – Published 22 February 2021