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Thomas Combriat

Fast And Simple Tracker (FAST)

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FAST (Fast And Simple Tracker) is a C++ program developed to perform PTV measurement. Written in C++ and using OpenCV, a very efficient library for image analysis, FAST consumes less RAM than the size of the input movie and thus is very helpful for high-speed cameras generated movies.

FAST detects particles using a LOG (Laplacian of Gaussian) algorithm after removing the background of the movie. This algorithm performs a good tolerance to noise and defects and allows filters to be set on the size of particles.

Particles can be linked using the nearest neighbor, algorithm, useful for random motions, or using a predictive algorithm based on linear extrapolation. This second will achieve better performance on deterministic motions.

This software is a free software under GPL3, thus you can use it, modify it and distribute it as long as it is done under the conditions of the GPL3.

You can download FAST following the links at the bottom of this page. For the time being the only compiled version is available for Windows 64 bits.
You can also download the sources in order to compile yourself the program using CMake.

Git/Source code/Linux :

Direct Download (Windows 64)


Short documentation

FAST documentation
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Example of particles detection using FAST
Example of tracking performed by FAST
Example of tracking performed by FAST
A video to test FAST