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Themes of the team

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Cellular response to environmental constraints
Aurélie Dupont, Bertrand Fourcade, Giovanni Cappello, Irène Wang, Martial Balland

We aim understanding how mechanical forces are sensed or produced by the cells. Our approach includes the use of micro-patterned and active substrates, optical technics and traction force microscopy, as well as the theoretical physical modeling for signal transduction and cell signalization.

New imaging and measurement techniques
Antoine Delon, Aurélie Dupont, Aurélien Gourrier, Irène Wang, Jacques Derouard, Jean-Claude Vial, Marco Canepari

The MOTIV develop innovative optical methods, to address a variety of frontier problems of life sciences, with biophysical, biological or biomedical issues.

Organization of surpacellular structures and their response to environmental perturbations.
Antoine Delon, Aurélien Gourrier, Giovanni Cappello, Jean-Claude Vial, Marco Canepari, Martial Balland

We aim at understanding how the mutual interaction between cells and the cell/environment crosstalk affects cell division, death, motility, polarization, but also the supra-cellular organization.