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Team members

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Researchers and academics:

Technical staff :

  • Sylvie Costrel de Corainville (AI UGA)
  • Pierre Gasner (IE CNRS)
  • Philippe Moreau (AI CNRS)
  • Irène Wang (IE CNRS)

PhD students and post-docs :

  • Vincent Billault (PhD)
  • Guillaume Bourdarot (PhD)
  • Antonio Miguel Caravaca Aguirre (Post-doc)
  • Valentin Genuer (PhD)
  • Guillaume Godefroy (PhD)
  • Nithyanandan Kanagaraj (Post-doc)
  • Sylvain Mézil (Post-doc)
  • Côme Schnébelin (PhD)
  • Sergey Vilov (PhD)


Former members :