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Super-resolution photoacoustic imaging

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Sergey Vilov, Guillaume Godefroy, Sylvie Costrel, Bastien Arnal and Emmanuel Bossy

When photoacoustic imaging is carried out at depth in an optically diffusing medium (with no possibility to focus light), the image resolution is given by the resolution of the ultrasonic wave detection system, which is called acoustic-resolution photoacoustic imaging. In this case, the resolution limit is given by the acoustic diffraction limit. We develop in the team super-resolution methods whose objective is to precisely to go beyond this acoustic diffraction limit. As an example, we have recently adapted super-resolution techniques originally developed for optical microscopy to photoacoustic imaging, such as super-resolution by localization [1] (based on PALM / STORM methods) or fluctuation-based super-resolution imaging [2,3] (SOFI method in optics). We are also working on methods based on sparsity-constrained reconstruction in the framework of compressed-sensing [4].

Publications :

[1] Vilov, S., Arnal, B., & Bossy, E. (2017). Overcoming the acoustic diffraction limit in photoacoustic imaging by the localization of flowing absorbers. Optics letters, 42(21), 4379-4382.
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Colloborations :
Pr. Ori Katz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israël
Pr. Yonina Eldar, Technion, Haifa, Israël