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Single cell scale

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At the single cell scale, the approaches are essentially based on fluorescence imaging to observe not only the spatial repartition of proteins, but also their function in living systems. An important issue is to understand how cells process information, especially mechanical information. To this end, MOTIV team has developed unique activable substrates and a quantitative method of measuring Fluorescent-Resonance-Energy-Transfer (FRET) based biosensors (Fig. 2, A). On-going work aims at measuring the spatio-temporal response function of key signaling proteins after a defined mechanical perturbation from a controlled initial state. The final challenge is to build from the experimental results, a coarse-grained model where the biological response will be described in terms of signal processing rather than molecular mechanisms. This interdisciplinary project is supported by collaborations with biologists (C. Albiges-Rizo, IAB, Grenoble) and soft matter biophysicists (prof. J. Rädler, LMU, Munich).