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A. Monpezat, S. Topin, L. Deliere, D. Farrusseng, B. Coasne

Evaluation Methods of Adsorbents for Air Purification and Gas Separation at Low Concentration : Case Studies on Xenon and Krypton
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58, 4560-4571(2019) DOI 

F. Thaunay, F. Calvo, E. Nicol, G. Ohanessian, C. Clavaguera

Infrared Spectra of Deprotonated Dicarboxylic Acids : Irmpd Spectroscopy and Empirical Valence-Bond Modeling
Chemphyschem 20, 803-814(2019) DOI 

M. Brun-Cosme-Bruny, E. Bertin, B. Coasne, P. Peyla, S. Rafai

Effective diffusivity of microswimmers in a crowded environment
Journal Of Chemical Physics 150 104901(2019) DOI 

B. Shang, J. Rottler, P. Guan, J.-L. Barrat

Local versus Global Stretched Mechanical Response in a Supercooled Liquid near the Glass Transition
Physical Review Letters 122 105501(2019) DOI 

J. Hernandez-Rojas, F. Calvo

Coarse-grained modeling of the nucleation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into soot precursors
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 5123-5132(2019) DOI 

R. Cabriolu, J. Horbach, P. Chaudhuri, K. Martens

Precursors of fluidisation in the creep response of a soft glass
Soft Matter 15, 415-423(2019) DOI 

E. Yurtsever, F. Calvo

Quantum Chemical View on the Growth Mechanisms of Odd-Sized Nitrogen Cluster Anions
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 123, 202-209(2019) DOI 

N. Tizon-Escamilla, V. Lecomte, E. Bertin

Effective driven dynamics for one-dimensional conditioned Langevin processes in the weak-noise limit
Journal Of Statistical Mechanics-Theory And Experiment 013201(2019) DOI 

E. Woillez, Y. Zhao, Y. Kafri, V. Lecomte, J. Tailleur

Activated Escape of a Self-Propelled Particle from a Metastable State
Physical Review Letters 122 258001(2019) DOI 

J. Ramade, E. Cottancin, M.-A. Lebeault, C. Langlois, L. Piccolo, M. Broyer, M. Hillenkamp, J. Lerme, F. Calvo, M. Pellarin

Environmental Plasmonic Spectroscopy of Silver-Iron Nanoparticles : Chemical Ordering under Oxidizing and Reducing Conditions
Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 123, 15693-15706(2019) DOI 

M. Chen, B. Coasne, R. Guyer, D. Derome, J. Carmeliet

Molecular Simulation of Sorption-Induced Deformation in Atomistic Nanoporous Materials
Langmuir 35, 7751-7758(2019) DOI 

G. Gor, B. Coasne

Editorial overview : Separations engineering : advances in adsorption
Current Opinion In Chemical Engineering 24, A4-A6(2019) DOI 

C. Dubosq, C. Falvo, F. Calvo, M. Rapacioli, P. Parneix, T. Pino, A. Simon

Mapping the structural diversity of C-60 carbon clusters and their infrared spectra
Astronomy & Astrophysics 625 L11(2019) DOI 

E. Bertin, P. Jensen

In social complex systems, the whole can be more or less than (the sum of) the parts
Comptes Rendus Physique 20, 329-335(2019) DOI 

N. Ben Abdelouahab, A. Gossard, S. Rodts, B. Coasne, P. Coussot

Convective drying of a porous medium with a paste cover
European Physical Journal E 42 66(2019) DOI 

M. Grimaldo, H. Lopez, C. Beck, F. Roosen-Runge, M. Moulin, J. M. Devos, V. Laux, M. Hartlein, S. Da Vela, R. Schweins, A. Mariani, F. Zhang, J.-L. Barrat, M. Oettel, V. T. Forsyth, T. Seydel, F. Schreiber

Protein Short-Time Diffusion in a Naturally Crowded Environment
Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters 10, 1709-1715(2019) DOI 

M. A. Bonnin, C. Falvo, F. Calvo, T. Pino, P. Parneix

Simulating the structural diversity of carbon clusters across the planar-to-fullerene transition
Physical Review A 99 042504(2019) DOI 

F. Calvo

Conformational diversity in deprotonated water clusters and anharmonic infrared spectra
Molecular Simulation 45, 269-278 (2019) DOI 

B. Coasne, D. Farrusseng

Gas oversolubility in nanoconfined liquids : Review and perspectives for adsorbent design
Microporous And Mesoporous Materials 288 (2019) DOI 

I. Deroche, T. J. Daou, C. Picard, B. Coasne

Reminiscent capillarity in subnanopores
Nature Communications 10 4642(2019) DOI 

I. C. Medeiros-Costa, C. Laroche, J. Perez-Pellitero, B. Coasne

Characterization of hierarchical zeolites : Combining adsorption/intrusion, electron microscopy, diffraction and spectroscopic techniques
Microporous And Mesoporous Materials 287, 167-176(2019) DOI 

R. Mari, R. Seto

Force transmission and the order parameter of shear thickening
Soft Matter 15, 6650-6659(2019) DOI 

J. Bourgalais, O. Durif, S. D. Le Picard, P. Lavvas, F. Calvo, S. J. Klippenstein, L. Biennier

Propane clusters in Titan’s lower atmosphere : insights from a combined theory/laboratory study
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 488, 676-684(2019) DOI 

A. Monpezat, G. Couchaux, V. Thomas, A. Artheix, L. Deliere, C. Greau, S. Topin, B. Coasne, L. Roiban, L. Cardenas, D. Farrusseng

Effect of Chlorine-Containing VOCs on Silver Migration and Sintering in Zsm-5 Used in a TSA Process
Catalysts 9 686(2019) DOI 

M. Chen, C. Zhang, A. Shomali, B. Coasne, J. Carmeliet, D. Derome

Wood-Moisture Relationships Studied with Molecular Simulations : Methodological Guidelines
Forests 10 628(2019) DOI 

M. Santoro, V. Veremeienko, M. Polisi, R. Fantini, F. Alabarse, R. Arletti, S. Quatieri, V. Svitlyk, A. van der Lee, J. Rouquette, B. Alonso, F. Di Renzo, B. Coasne, J. Haines

Insertion and Confinement of H2O in Hydrophobic Siliceous Zeolites at High Pressure
Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 123, 17432-17439(2019) DOI 

C. Schouder, A. S. Chatterley, F. Calvo, L. Christiansen, H. Stapelfeldt

Structure determination of the tetracene dimer in helium nanodroplets using femtosecond strong-field ionization
Structural Dynamics-Us 6 044301(2019) DOI 

M. Gatchell, P. Martini, F. Laimer, M. Goulart, F. Calvo, P. Scheier

Spectroscopy of corannulene cations in helium nanodroplets
Faraday Discussions 217, 276-289(2019) DOI 


N. Garcia, J.-L. Barrat

Entanglement Reduction Induced by Geometrical Confinement in Polymer Thin Films
Macromolecules 51(23), 9850-9860 (2018)

A. Korolkovas, P. Gutfreund, A. Chenneviere, J. F. Ankner, F. A. Adlmann, M. Wolff, Max, J.-L. Barrat

Shear deformation of low-density polymer brushes in a good solvent
Physical Review E 98(3), 032501 (2018)

J.-L. Barrat

Elasticity and plasticity of disordered systems, a statistical physics perspective
Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 504(Si), 20-30 (2018)

K. Karimi, J.-L. Barrat

Correlation and shear bands in a plastically deformed granular medium
Scientific Reports 8, 4021 (2018)

B. Mahault, X.-C. Jiang, E. Bertin, Y.-Q. Ma, A. Patelli, X.-Q. Shi, H. Chate

Self-Propelled Particles with Velocity Reversals and Ferromagnetic Alignment : Active Matter Class with Second-Order Transition to Quasi-Long-Range Polar Order
Physical Review Letters 120(25), 258002 (2018)

E. Bertin, M. Vanicat

Matrix product representation of the stationary state of the open zero range process
Journal Of Physics A-Mathematical And Theoretical 51(24), 245001 (2018)

P. Jensen, T. Matreux, J. Cambe, H. Larralde, E. Bertin

Giant Catalytic Effect of Altruists in Schelling’s Segregation Model
Physical Review Letters 120(20), 208301 (2018)

F. Calvo, P. Parneix, C. Falvo

Atomistic modeling of the infrared response of fullerenes under hydrostatic pressure
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 30(47), 474001 (2018)

F. Berthias, L. Feketeova, H. Abdoul-Carime, F. Calvo, B. Farizon, M. Farizon, and T. D. Maerk

Maxwell-Boltzmann versus non-ergodic events in the velocity distribution of water molecules evaporated from protonated water nanodroplets
Journal Of Chemical Physics 149(8), 084308 (2018)

C. Falvo, A. Gamboa-Suarez, S. Cazayus-Claverie, P. Parneix, F. Calvo

Isomerization kinetics of flexible molecules in the gas phase : Atomistic versus coarse-grained sampling
Journal Of Chemical Physics 149(7), 072334 (2018)

F. Calvo, R. Hamdi, L. Mejrissi, B. Oujia

Questioning the structure of Sr+Arn clusters
European Physical Journal D 72(8), 133 (2018)

F. Berthias, L. Feketeova, H. Abdoul-Carime, F. Calvo, B. Farizon, M. Farizon, T. D. Maerk

Sequential evaporation of water molecules from protonated water clusters : measurement of the velocity distributions of the evaporated molecules and statistical analysis
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20(26), 18066-18073 (2018)

F. Calvo, E. Yurtsever, A. Tekin

Physisorption of H-2 on Fullerenes and the Solvation of C-60 by Hydrogen Clusters at Finite Temperature : A Theoretical Assessment
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 122(10), 2792-2800 (2018)

F. Calvo, E. Yurtsever

The quantum structure of anionic hydrogen clusters
Journal Of Chemical Physics 148(10), 102305 (2018)

F. Calvo, M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel

Size-Induced Segregation in the Stepwise Microhydration of Hydantoin and Its Role in Proton-Induced Charge Transfer
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 122(6), 1634-1642 (2018)

J. Hernandez-Rojas and F. Calvo

Temperature- and field-induced structural transitions in magnetic colloidal clusters
Physical Review E 97(2), 022601 (2018)

F. Calvo, E. Yurtsever, N. Batra

Evidence for reverse core-shell phase separation in mixed parahydrogen/orthodeuterium clusters with an ionic impurity
Chemical Physics Letters 692, 416-420 (2018)

I. Maruyama, J. Rymes, M. Vandamme, B. Coasne

Cavitation of water in hardened cement paste under short-term desorption measurements
Materials And Structures 51(6), 159 (2018)

A. Galarneau, D. Mehlhorn, F. Guenneau, B. Coasne, F. Villemot, D. Minoux, C. Aquino, J.-P. Dath

Specific Surface Area Determination for Microporous/Mesoporous Materials : The Case of Mesoporous Fau-Y Zeolites
Langmuir 34(47), 14134-14142 (2018)

Z. Chaker, A. Bouzid, B. Coasne, C. Massobrio, M. Boero, G. Ori

The structure and dipolar properties of CO2 adsorbed in a porous glassy chalcogel : Insights from first-principles molecular dynamics
Journal Of Non-Crystalline Solids 498, 288-293 (2018)

L. Bruschi, G. Mistura, F. Negri, B. Coasne, Y. Mayamei, W. Lee

Adsorption on alumina nanopores with conical shape
Nanoscale 10(38), 18300-18305 (2018)

D. Mehlhorn, J. Rodriguez, T. Cacciaguerra, R.-D. Andrei, C. Cammarano, F. Guenneau, A. Gedeon, B. Coasne, M. Thommes, D. Minoux, C. Aquino, J.-P. Dath, F. Fajula, A. Galarneau

Revelation on the Complex Nature of Mesoporous Hierarchical Fau-Y Zeolites
Langmuir 34(38), 11414-11423 (2018)

M. Bah, E. D. Manga, H. Blasco, P. da Costa, M. Drobek, A. Ayral, G. Despaux, B. Coasne, E. Le Clezio, A. Julbe

Acoustic emission monitoring during gas permeation : a new operando diagnostic tool for porous membranes
Journal Of Membrane Science 555, 88-96 (2018)

J.-M. Thibaud, J. Rouquette, K. Dziubek, F. A. Gorelli, M. Santoro, G. Garbarino, S. Clement, O. Cambon, A. van der Lee, F. Di Renzo, B. Coasne, J. Haines

Saturation, of the Siliceous Zeolite Ton with Neon at High Pressure
Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 122(15), 8455-8460 (2018)

M. Joyeux

A segregative phase separation scenario of the formation of the bacterial nucleoid
Soft Matter 14(36), 7368-7381 (2018)

M. Joyeux

Role of Salt Valency in the Switch of H-Ns Proteins between Dna-Bridging and Dna-Stiffening Modes
Biophysical Journal 114(10), 2317-2325 (2018)

B. Abou, R. Colin, V. Lecomte, E. Pitard, F. van Wijland

Activity statistics in a colloidal glass former : Experimental evidence for a dynamical transition
Journal Of Chemical Physics 148(16), 164502 (2018)

A. L. Zamorategui, V. Lecomte, A. B. Kolton

Statistics of zero crossings in rough interfaces with fractional elasticity
Physical Review E 97(4), 042129 (2018)

Y. Baek, Y. Kafri, V. Lecomte

Dynamical phase transitions in the current distribution of driven diffusive channels
Journal Of Physics A-Mathematical And Theoretical 51(10), 105001 (2018)

J. E. Thomas, K. Ramola, A. Singh, R. Mari, J. F. Morris, B. Chakraborty

Microscopic Origin of Frictional Rheology in Dense Suspensions : Correlations in Force Space
Physical Review Letters 121(12), 128002 (2018)

A. Singh, R. Mari, M. M. Denn, J.F. Morris

A constitutive model for simple shear of dense frictional suspensions
Journal Of Rheology 62(2), 457-468 (2018)

C. Liu, E. E. Ferrero, K. Martens, J.-L. Barrat

Creep dynamics of athermal amorphous materials : a mesoscopic approach
Soft Matter 14(41), 8306-8316 (2018)

A. E. Lagogianni, C. Liu, K. Martens, K. Samwer

Plastic avalanches in the so-called elastic regime of metallic glasses
European Physical Journal B 91(6), 104 (2018)

C. Liu, K. Martens, J.-L. Barrat

Mean-Field Scenario for the Athermal Creep Dynamics of Yield-Stress Fluids
Physical Review Letters 120(2), 028004 (2018)


M. Joyeux

In vivo compaction dynamics of bacterial DNA : A fingerprint of DNA/RNA demixing ?
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 26, 17 (2016).

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Rules of calculus in the path integral representation of white noise Langevin equations : the Onsager-Machlup approach.
J. Phys. A, 50, 345001 (2017).

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Finite-time and finite-size scalings in the evaluation of large-deviation functions : Numerical approach in continuous time.
Phys. Rev. E, 95, 062134 (2017).

M. Joyeux

Recovery of mechanical pressure in a gas of underdamped active dumbbells with Brownian noise
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E. Bertin

Theoretical approaches to the steady-state statistical physics of interacting dissipative units
J. Phys. A : Math. Theor., 50, 083001 (2017).

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Low thermal fluctuations in a system heated out of equilibrium
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Generalized Edwards thermodynamics and marginal stability in a driven system with dry and viscous friction
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Participation ratio for constraint-driven condensation with superextensive mass
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Coarse-grained model of the demixing of DNA and non-binding globular macromolecules
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Effects of Inertia on the Steady-Shear Rheology of Disordered Solids ,
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Electrostatic interactions between ions near Thomas-Fermi substrates and the surface energy of ionic crystal at imperfect metals.
Faraday Discussions , 199, 129 (2017).

J Comtet, A Nigues, V Kaiser, B Coasne, L Bocquet, A Siria

Nanoscale capillary freezing of ionic liquids confined between metallic interfaces and the role of electronic screening.
Nature Materials , 16, 634 (2017).

A Vioux and B Coasne

From Ionogels to Biredox Ionic Liquids : Some Emerging Opportunities for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Devices.
Adv. Energy Mater. , 1700883 (2017).

G Hantal, L Brochard, R Pellenq, F J Ulm, and B Coasne

Role of Interfaces in Elasticity and Failure of Clay-Organic Nanocomposites : Toughening upon Interface Weakening.
Langmuir , 33, 11457 (2017).

D Jin and B Coasne

Molecular Simulation of the Phase Diagram of Methane Hydrate : Free Energy Calculations, Direct Coexistence Method, and Hyper Parallel Tempering.
Langmuir , 33, 11217 (2017).

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Cell division and death inhibit glassy behaviour of confluent tissues.
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