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Soft matter, confined liquids, interfaces, ...

At the heart of our research, nano-microfluidic flows and wetting / dewetting phenomena. The forces of molecular interactions between the fluid and the confining walls play a central role in the flow dynamics (eg on the slip length, the Debye layer extension, etc ...). These aspects are approached using measurements of surface force machines, but also by the characterization of electro-osmotic phenomena as well as the dynamic characterization of intrusion / extrusion of water in hydrophobic nanoporous media.

In parallel are used neutron and synchrotron radiation techniques for the study of the organization (small angle scattering, diffraction) and dynamics (inelastic neutron scattering, XPCS), supplemented by optical techniques (SLS / DLS , DWS, transient network spectroscopy). The questions addressed concern the self-assembly of small molecules (physical gels) or biological molecules (hyaluronic acid-protein complexes), the transport of water in soft porous media or the color change of a monolayer of PDA.

The group’s activities are organized around four main themes:
- Nanomechanics
- Complex soft matter assemblies
- Nanofluidics and transport at interfaces
- Polymers at interfaces