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Regulation of curli production and biofilm formation

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We search for genetic determinants of curli expression and secretion. Curli are thin aggregative fimbriae present at the cell-surface of enterobacteriaceae and responsible for substrate colonization, the first step of biofilm formation. We are completing the regulatory network controlling the transcription and translation of the csg operons. In particular, we study the expression of the CsgD regulator, which is essential for the expression of the curli structural genes (csgBA), but also for cellulose production and the repression of flagellar class 2 and 3 genes. Most importantly, we want to identify the RNA-RNA interaction that controls the translation of CsgD and to explain temperature-dependent expression of curli.


Stephan Lacour


Corinne Dorel, Université de Lyon
Akira Ishihama, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

Related Publications

  • Dudin O., Geiselmann J., Ogasawara H., Ishihama A., Lacour S., Repression of flagellar genes in exponential phase by CsgD and CpxR, two crucial modulators of Escherichia coli biofilm formation. J. Bacteriol. 2014 ; DOI : 10.1128/JB.00938-13. [link]