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Ongoing activity

Since March 2020, I am investigating the composition of living matter using bioimpedance measurements, in addition with ongoing developements of lab on a chip technologies and acoustofluidics. This mostly concerns plants and biological fluids.

Past scientific projects

With Philippe Marmottant as a principal investigator, we have had a major founding from the European Council to study the foundamentals and applications of acoustically excited bubbles (As metamaterials, contrast agents, etc.). This 5 years ERC program called "Bubbleboost" ended in April 2019.

Benefiting from this grant, we developed micro-acoustofluidics techniques
to manipulate objects in the micron range size (bubbles, droplets, cells and microorganisms,…)
These researches involved the extensive use of soft lithography techniques (on PDMS elastomer) to design artificial microchannels geometries in which we study the fluids of interest.

Acoustic tweezers

S.B.Q. Tran , P. Marmottant P., and P. Thibault, M. Mathieu, P. Marmottant. "Fast acoustic tweezers for the two-dimensional manipulation of individual particles in microfluidic channels"
Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 114103 (2012)

The ultrasonic dance of bubbles

D. Rabaud, P. Thibault, M. Mathieu, P. Marmottant. "Acoustically bound microfluidic crystal"
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 13401 (2011)

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