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38. The buckling instability of aggregating red blood cells

D. Flormann, O. Aouane, L. Kaestner, C. Ruloff, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski, C. Wagner , Scientific Reports 7, 7928 (2017) Abstract Preprint

37. Blood flow and microgravity

L. Bureau, G. Coupier, F. Dubois, A. Duperray, A. Farutin, C. Minetti, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski, D. Tsvirkun, M. Vysokikh, C. R. Mecanique 345, 78-85 (2017) Abstract

36. On the rheology of red blood cell suspensions with different amounts of dextran : separating the effect of aggregation and increase in viscosity of the suspending phase.

D. Flormann, K. Schirra, T. Podgorski and C. Wagner, Rheologica Acta, 55 (6), 477-483 (2016) Abstract

35. Inversion of hematocrit partition at microfluidic bifurcations.

Z. Shen, G. Coupier, B. Kaoui, B. Polack, J. Harting, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski, Microvascular Research 105, 40-46 (2016) Abstract

34. Fully automated digital holographic processing for monitoring the dynamics of a vesicle suspension under shear flow.

C. Minetti, T. Podgorski, G. Coupier and F. Dubois, Biomed. Opt. Express 5, 1554-1568 (2014) Abstract

33. The plasma protein fibrinogen stabilizes clusters of red blood cells in micro capillary flows

M. Brust, O. Aouane, M. Thiébaud, D. Flormann, C. Verdier, L. Kaestner, M. W. Laschke, H. Selmi, A. Benyoussef, T. Podgorski, G. Coupier, C. Misbah and C. Wagner, Scientific Reports 4, 4348 (2014) Abstract Preprint

32. Pairwise hydrodynamic interactions and diffusion in a vesicle suspension.

P.-Y. Gires, A. Srivastav, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski and G. Coupier, Phys. Fluids 26, 013304 (2014) Abstract

31. Lift and down-gradient shear-induced diffusion in red blood cell suspensions.

X. Grandchamp, G. Coupier, A. Srivastav, C. Minetti and T. Podgorski, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (10), 108101 (2013) Abstract

30. Efficiency of size-dependent particle separation by pinched flow fractionation.

A. Srivastav, T. Podgorski and G. Coupier, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 13 (5), 697-701 (2012) Abstract

29. Shape Diagram of Vesicles in Poiseuille Flow.

G. Coupier, A. Farutin, C. Minetti, T. Podgorski, C. Misbah, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (17), 178106 (2012) Abstract

28. Erythrocyte dynamics in flow affects blood rheology.

V. Vitkova, A. Farutin, B. Polack, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski, J. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 398, 012027 (2012) Abstract

27. Shear-induced diffusion in a red blood cell suspension

A. Srivastav, X. Grandchamp, G. Coupier and T. Podgorski, Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 15 (S1), 34-35 (2012) Abstract

26. Dynamics of vesicle suspension in shear flow between walls by digital holographic microscopy with a spatially reduced coherent source

C. Minetti, T. Podgorski, G. Coupier and F. Dubois,
Proc. SPIE 8429, Optical Modelling and Design II, 84291I ( 2012)

25. Spheres in the vicinity of a bifurcation : elucidating the Zweifach–Fung effect.

V. Doyeux, T. Podgorski, S. Peponas, M. Ismail and G. Coupier,
J. Fluid Mech. 674359-388 (2011)

24. Dynamics of vesicle suspensions in shear flow between walls.

T. Podgorski, N. Callens, C. Minetti, G. Coupier, F. Dubois and C. Misbah, Microgravity Sci. Tech. 23, 263–270 (2011).

23. Vesicles and red blood cells in flow : From individual dynamics to rheology.

P. M. Vlahovska, T. Podgorski and C. Misbah, C. R. Physique 10, 775–789 (2009)

22. Tumbling of viscous vesicles in a linear shear field near a wall.

V. Vitkova, G. Coupier, M.-A. Mader, B. Kaoui, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski,
J. Optoel. Adv. Mat 11, 1218–1221 (2009)

21. Lateral migration of vesicles in microchannels : effects of walls and shear gradient.

B. Kaoui, G. Coupier, C. Misbah, T. Podgorski,
La Houille Blanche 5, 112–119 (2009)

20. Non- inertial lateral migration of vesicles in bounded Poiseuille flow.

G. Coupier, B. Kaoui, T. Podgorski and C. Misbah, Phys. Fluids. 20, 111702 (2008)

19. Fast measurements of concentration profiles inside deformable objects in micro flows with reduced spatial coherence digital holography.

C. Minetti, N. Callens, G. Coupier, T. Podgorski and F. Dubois,
Applied Optics, 47 (32), 5305-5314 (2008)

18. Micro-macro link in rheology of erythrocyte and vesicle suspensions.

V. Vitkova, M. Mader, B. Polack, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski,
Biophys. J. 95 (7), 33–35 (2008)

17. Hydrodynamic lift of vesicles under shear flow in microgravity.

N. Callens, C. Minetti, G. Coupier, M. -A. Mader, F. Dubois, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski, Europhys. Lett. 83, 24002 (2008)

16. Dynamics and rheology of a dilute suspension of vesicles : higher order theory.

G. Danker, T. Biben, T. Podgorski, C. Verdier and C. Misbah, Phys. Rev. E76, 041905 (2007)

15. Fingering instabilities of a reactive micellar interface.

T. Podgorski, M. Sostarecz, S. Zorman and A. Belmonte, Phys. Rev. E 76, 016202 (2007)

14. On coupling between the orientation and the shape of a vesicle under a shear flow.

M. Mader, H. Ez-Zahraouy, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski, Euro. Phys. J. E 22, 275–280 (2007)

13. Dynamics and rheology of vesicles in a shear flow under gravity and micro- gravity.

M. Mader, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski, Microgravity Science and Technology 18 (3/4), 199– 203 (2006)

12. Dynamics of viscous vesicles in shear flow.

M. Mader, V. Vitkova, M. Abkarian, T. Podgorski and A. Viallat, Euro. Phys. J. E 19, 389–397 (2006)

11. Tumbling of lipid vesicles enclosing a viscous fluid under a shear flow.

V. Vitkova, M. Mader, T. Biben and T. Podgorski, J. Optoel. Adv. Mat. 7, 261–264 (2005)

10. Deformation of vesicles flowing through capillaries.

V. Vitkova, M. Mader and T. Podgorski, Europhys. Lett. 68, 398–404 (2004)

9. Surface folding of viscoelastic fluids : finite elasticity membrane model

T. Podgorski and A. Belmonte, Euro. Jnl of Applied Mathematics 15, 385–408 (2004)

8. La forme d’une goutte qui ruisselle.
T. Podgorski, J.-M. Flesselles, A. Daerr and L. Limat, Pour la Science 301, 23 (2002)

7. Surface folds in viscoelastic fluids.

T. Podgorski and A. Belmonte, J. Fluid Mech. 460, 337–348 (2002)

6. Corner singularity of a contact line moving on a poorly wetting substrate.

H. A. Stone, L. Limat, S. K. Wilson, T. Podgorski and J.- M. Flesselles, C. R. Physique 3 (1), 103–110 (2002)

5. Curvature of a dry patch boundary in a flowing film.

T. Podgorski, J.-M. Flesselles and L. Limat, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, t. 2 Serie IV 1361–1367 (2001)

4. Corners, cusps and pearls in running drops.

T. Podgorski, J.-M. Flesselles and L. Limat, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 036102 (2001)

3. Dry arches within flowing films.

T. Podgorski, J.-M. Flesselles and L. Limat, Phys. Fluids 11 (4), 845–852 (1999)

2. Dynamics of a liquid column array under periodic boundary conditions.

C. Counillon, L. Daudet, T. Podgorski and L. Limat, Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 2217–2120 (1998)

1. Global drift of a circular array of liquid columns.

C. Counillon, L. Daudet, T. Podgorski, M. C. Jullien, S. Akamatsu and L. Limat, Europhys. Lett. 40, 37–42 (1997)