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Physics of acoustic sensing with pulsating 3D bubbles

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Bubbles in water behave as very good oscillators, with a strong acoustic resonance. Their close environment influences the resonance frequency: near a solid surface the frequency decreases.
Recently our laboratory has developed a technique to stabilize bubbles by capturing them in 3D structures made by precise 3D printing (stereolithography, see figure). We have shown that bubbles can still vibrate widely in these structures under acoustic excitation, while having a lifetime of more than several days! The objective of the project is to understand the physics of “acoustic sensing” with a bubble, i.e. using a bubble to detect the presence of nearby materials and measure their elasticity.

We are looking for a Master 2 student in physics, mechanics or optics interested in a PhD thesis, with a funding by applying to the concours of the Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble.
The scientific program of the project is the following : In a first step we propose to design a 3D cage to hold bubbles that are suited for a local measurement. In a second step we will develop the theoretical and experimental tools to detect the presence of solid boundaries, and also to probe the elasticity of the solid. In a last step, we will elaborate on the interaction of multiple bubbles, and how the environment modifies the collective properties.
This student will work within a team with Philippe Marmottant (acousto-fluidics and microfluidics), Emmanuel Bossy (acoustic sensing and imaging), Olivier Stephan (3D manufacturing), Benjamin Dollet (theory).

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