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MoVe - Members

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Benjamin DOLLET Philippe MARMOTTANT Philippe PEYLA Catherine QUILLIET Salima RAFAI Olivier STEPHAN

Permanent Staff

Benjamin Dollet (CR, CNRS)
Philippe Marmottant (DR, CNRS)
Philippe Peyla (Prof. UGA)
Catherine Quilliet (MCF UGA)
Salima Rafaï (CR, CNRS) (*)
Olivier Stephan (MCF UGA)
Pierre Thibault (Prof. UGA)

Patrice BALLET

Technical Support UGA

Patrice Ballet (with MC2 et BIOP)
Laetitia Gredy


Ludovic Keiser
Raj Kumar
Gauthier Menassol


Edouardo Al Alam (S. Rafaï)
Georges Chabouh (C. Quilliet with Gwennou Coupier, MC2)
Renaud Larrieu (P.Peyla with Aurélie Dupont, OptIma)
Roxane Petrot (O. Stephan with Thibaut DEVILLERS, Institut Néel)

(*) Représentant l’équipe