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Mini-Workshop DYSCO 27 Mai 2016

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at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (LIPhy) in Grenoble

Cell migration: From Crawling to Blebbing to Swimming


09h30 Franziska Lautenschläger (Saarebruck)

The cytoskeleton in amoeboid migration

10h20 Alexander Farutin (Grenoble)

Amoeboid swimming

10h40 break

Cell migration Poster

11h10 Olivier Théodoly (Marseille)

Leucocyte migration mechanisms during immune response

12h00 break

14h00 Lev Truskinovsky (Paris)

Cell locomotion in one dimension

14h50 Jocelyn Etienne (Grenoble)

Prediction of traction forces during cell crawling

15h30 closure


Thank you for registering to the workshop before May 20th 2016.



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