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Team Members

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Permanent staff:

Bastien ARNAL (CRNS Researcher)
Emmanuel BOSSY (UGA Professor)
Marco CANEPARI (INSERM Researcher)
Sylvie COSTREL (CNRS Assistant Engineer)
Antoine DELON (UGA Professor)
Aurélie DUPONT (CNRS Researcher)
Aurélien Gourrier (CRNS Researcher)
Olivier HUGON (CRNS Researcher)
Eric LACOT (UGA Professor)
Philippe MOREAU (CNRS Assistant Engineer)
Jean-Claude VIAL (CNRS Emeritus Research Director)
Irène WANG (CNRS Research Engineer)

Students, post-docs and collaborators:

Guillaume ARPISON (PhD)
Camille BATAILLE (Engineer)
Dakota BINKLEY (PhD in co-tutelle UGA/McMaster Univ., Canada))
Laila BLOMER (PhD)
Dorian BOUCHET (Postdoc)
Adrien CARRON (PhD)
Luiza FILIPIS (Postdoc)
Guillaume GODEFROY (PhD)
Renaud LARRIEU (PhD)
Julien LEBLANC (Engineer)

group picture
@Charmant Som, dec. 2019:
From left to right: Top: Alain Lombard, Éric Lacot, Aurélien Gourrier, Olivier Hugon, Olivier Jacquin, Emmanuel Bossy, Hugues Guillet de Chatelus, Sylvie Costrel, Sylvain Mézil, Philippe Moreau (hiding, as usual), Bastien Arnal, Anirban Sarkar, Adrien Carron, SeungHwan Lee, Minju Kim. Bottom: Antoine Delon, Marco Canepari, Aurélie Dupont, Gillaume Godefroy, Irène Wang, Bathilde Rivière, Laila Blomer

They also marched by our side for the good of science:

Jacques DÉROUARD, UGA Professor, deputy-director and director of the LIPHY 2007-2014
Cécile BIDAN, postdoc 2014-2017, now junior group leader @ Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces.
Alexis COULLOMB, PhD 2015-2018, now Post-doc in Machine Learning and Deep Learning for image and scRNA-seq data analysis at CRCT (Toulouse),
Alain LOMBARD, PhD 2017-2020, now Professeur Agrégé de Physique
Sylvain MÉZIL, post-doctorat 2018-2020 ERC Coherence, now CNRS researcher @ Institut Langevin.