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Maxime Bonnefoy

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PhD Student
Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique
140 rue de la Physique - 38402 St. Martin d’Hères

bonnefoy.m (AT)

I am a PhD student doing a transdisciplinary research project that is focused on the intricate spatial relations between a living being and the geometrical features of its environment. It is conducted thanks to the collaboration between an interdisciplinary laboratory of physics and an architectural research laboratory. As both disciplines are facing similar questions, we explore the scientific purpose of analogous protocols. Our hypothesis is that the observation of these two differents living beings behaviors and especially the trajectories of their migration may provide us an understanding of their motion abilities and space perception faculties for both scales. In order to study the space perception of both living beings, we do a serial production of differentiated environments.
Practically, keratocytes cells are cultured from Hypsophrys nicaraguensis scales and cell-adhesive micropatterns are designed with parametric modeling tools inherited from architecture and then generated by deep UV photo-patterning. Images of cells movements are captured by lensless microscopy and analyzed by homade ImageJ routines using especially tracking programs. Architectural environment are conceived with parametric modeling tools and built with digital-control machines. We aim to capture motion, do video tracking and image analysis of human beings experiencing these environments in accordance with biological protocol. The primary results of this ongoing research demonstrate our ability to combine parametric architectural design with experimental biology. We obtained clear defined micropatterns and captured clear images in which lensless microscopy gives an unprecedented acces to the dynamics of population of cells over hours or days.