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Ion channels signaling

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The group of M. Canepari is member of the Labex Ion Channel Science and Therapeutics (ICST,, recently renewed until the end of 2024. Within the consortium mission, the group develops original methods to optically record the physiological activity of ion channels (Fig. 2, C). The aim is to record the cell signaling pathways originating from ion channels, which constitute the most important superfamily of transmembrane proteins. The goal is to extend recently developed methods to record Ca 2+ channel activity to Na + channel activity using recent Na + probes. Hence, Na + and Ca 2+ fast optical recordings can be combined together and/or with Vm imaging or photostimulation to understand the functional interaction among different ion channels. Novel funding of ICST will be devoted to this research line by supporting two PhD scholarships (2019-2022 and 2021-2024). The necessary use of animal models is done by partnership with the Inserm Laboratory LBFA (U1055), which is also collaborating with A. Dupont.