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Imaging of the microvascular network with optical resolution PA microscope

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Thanks to our multispectral frequency-domain PA microscope, we plan to study the changes in the properties of blood flow and the microvascular network in mice in relation to different pathologies. In partnership with the platform of intravital microscopy of the TIMC laboratory, we will simultaneously measure the concentrations in different endogenous and exogenous biomarkers (hemoglobin, glucose, ICG, Gliolan?, ...) in order to identify a signature of tumor development (a human glioblastoma U87MG and a mammary tumor E0771) and then to follow the effects of a therapy. On the other hand, in partnership with the DYFCOM team and the CNES, we will seek to highlight the phenomenon of aggregation of red blood cells linked to long-term spaceflights. This leads to a modification of the rheology of the blood, which results in a reorganization of the hematocrit level in the microvascular network. An onboard microscope prototype will be made to perform the first tests during parabolic flight.