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High speed imaging of living tissues

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The team is specialized in the development of ultrafast imaging systems for ion and membrane potential (Vm) imaging in living tissues, with possibilities for optical stimulation. This activity, involving the development of light sources and cameras at maximal speeds of tens of kHz, is done in collaboration with the British company Cairn Research Ltd.
We combine sub-millisecond fluorescence recordings with spatial resolution of 1 µm in living tissues using spinning disk confocal imaging. In the next 3 years, within the ANR Grant OptChemCom (2019-2021) coordinated by M. Canepari, in collaboration with M. De Waard in Nantes (Institut Thorax, CNRS UMR6291 and Inserm UMR1087) and with Cairn Research, we are aiming at using Digital Micromirror Devices to overcome some limitations of current approaches. This project, beyond the grant duration, aims at integrating imaging systems in robots for automated patch clamp opening the gate to technology transfer in biochemical/pharmaceutical industries.