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High precision optical thickness prototype

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Measuring the thickness of thin (10-100 µm) biological sections (typically 1 cm2 ) with a precision of < 1 µm is a challenge for which no commercial solution is currently available (essentially due to the strong level of heterogeneity of the samples). This constitute a strong limitation for the calibration of several modalities used at the LIPhy and by our biomedical partners (INSERM), for which a precise knowledge of the sample thickness is required. In the framework of the ANR MULTIPS (ANR-13-BS09-0006-01, A. Gourrier) we established an initial design and acquired the components needed to build a first prototype. The principle is based on the use of two inverted optical sensors commercialized for topology measurements (by reflection of a laser beam) which will be matched and calibrated to a known thickness. The sample is then positioned at focal position and scanned in the beams. The acquisition of signals from the two sensors will be synchronized with the displacements in order to reconstruct thickness maps of the sample. The development of this prototype therefore requires 1) an adapted (mechanical) design, 2) a specific collection strategy (optics, electronics) and 3) the implementation of a dedicated software interface.
The current goal for this project is to have a functional prototype for 12/2020, which will be patented. The technology readiness is expected to reach level (TRL) 5 at this date and discussions are currently ongoing with biomedical partners to reach TRL 6-7 by 12/2022.