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Gene regulation by the RpoS sigma factor of E. coli

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We study the global regulatory effects of RpoS and its cofactors (Crl and an uncharacterized protein) in E. coli K12. In particular, we are looking for antisens and non-coding RNAs (RNAseq) and transcription factors responsible of indirect gene regulation, especially negative regulation. We are also trying to identify the core RpoS regulon (Run Off Micro Array, ChIP-seq) in order to determine specific DNA features and properties of strictly RpoS-dependent promoters.


Stephan Lacour


Paolo Landini, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Clelia Peano, ITB, National Research Council, Segrate (MI), Italy
Magne Osteris, Fasteris, Geneva, Switzerland

Related Publications

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