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Functional neuron imaging

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Native-neuron imaging from brain slices is an area of expertise of the team, who studies physiological excitability relying on the synergistic activity of several Na + , K + and Ca 2+ channel types. Using an innovative approach integrating imaging methods and computational approaches, we recently pioneered a strategy to deduce the parallel activity of different types of ion channels in cerebellar Purkinje neurons.
The ANR funded project OptChemCom (2019-2021) aims at extending this approach to more complex neurons using channel-selective photoactivable toxins developed by our partner M. De Waard, and progressing with computational methods in collaboration with the ERC laureate team of P. Poirazi (
The final goal beyond the grant is to investigate neuronal channelopathies underlying several forms of brain disorders such as epilepsy, autism or ataxia in collaboration with other members of ICST. We foresee to use transgenic mice either received from our external collaborators or produced by techniques of viral infections. These will be either models of specific channelopathies or mice expressing proteins for optogenetic applications.