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Endothelial cell mechanics using AFM

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Mots clés : AFM, Cancer.

Recently, it was suggested that cancer cells could induce a decreasing of the endothelium rigidity to facilate their transmigration through this barrier [1]. Thus, the characterization of the endothelial cell mechanical properties is crucial for the study of tumor progression. The aim of this project is to measure the viscoelastic properties of living endothelial cells (see figure) using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). This characterization will be done by force modulation mode already used by our team [2].

This project can be continued further towards the PhD

Contact :

Valérie Laurent 04 76 51 49 13
Claude Verdier 04 76 63 59 80

[1] C.T. Mierke, Endothelial cell’s biomechanical properties are regukated by invasive cancer cells, Mol Biosyst, 8(6) : 1639-49 (2012).
[2] Y. Abidine, A. Constantinescu, V.M. Laurent, V. Sundar Rajan, R. Michel, V. Laplaud, A. Duperray and C. Verdier, Mechanosensitivity of Cancer Cells in Contact with Soft Substrates Using AFM, Biophys J, 114(5) : 1165-1175 (2018)