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Emergent mechanical properties of the early Drosophila embryo

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Using the microstructure-based rheology of actomyosin that has been
developped in a recent paper from Liphy (Etienne et al, PNAS 2015), we
have been able to evaluate the stress–strain ratio in an embryonic
epithelium across a few hours of development. This ratio E*
corresponds to an effective, or emergent, rheology (since it is
myosin-dependent) and we have found that it evolves in the course of

This work was carried within a collaboration with developmental
biologists in Madrid (Nicole Gorfinkiel and Julia Duque) and Cambridge
(Guy Blanchard, Pedro Machado and Alfonso Martinez-Arias) and is now
published in BMC Biology in their “Beyond Mendel: modelling in biology”
article collection.

Machado et al, BMC Biol 2015.

Etienne et al, PNAS 2015