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Elise Lorenceau

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CNRS Researcher since 2004
Team: MODI
Office: 208 - Lab: 138

A summary of my research and teaching activities with a few images is presented below. For each subject, the names of the students appear in blue with a link to their PhD dissertation (usually only available in french unless specified otherwise).
An up to date publication list is available here or copied below (maybe less up to date...)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions ! elise.lorenceau(at)

Job offer

M2 internship with C. Arauz
Nucleation of bubbles in elastomer
Starting date : Feb-March 2021

M2 internship
Separation of gases by microfluidic soap films
Starting date : Feb-March 2021

Research : Free surface flow in confined geometry

Gas permeability in soft matter systems
- Bubble nucleation and growth in elastomers C. Arauz, G. Dupeux and K. Piroird (Saint-Gobain Recherche)
- Gas separation with soap films C. Hadji, B. Coasne and B. Dollet

Ultra-propreté with A. Lallart, P. Garnier-Cro (STMicroelectronics), A. Cartellier and E. Charlaix
- Décontamination of nanoparticles with polymer films
- Décontamination of nanoparticles with drop impact

Yield stress fluid at a solid interface
with B. Laborie, F. Rouyer, D. Angelescu, X. Zhang, P. Coussot
- Deposition of yield stress fluid in a tube
- Wall slip of soft-jammed systems

Particle laden interfaces
with C. Planchette (in french), A.L. Biance, F. Rouyer, Y. Timounay (in french)
- Surface wave
- Coalescence of particle laden interfaces upon impact
- Impact of liquid marbles onto solid surfaces
- Bending rigidity of bidisperse particle rafts
- Opening and retraction of particulate soap films
- Drying of liquid marbles
- Permeability of particulate soap films

Surface wave propagation at an air/liquid interface covered with particles ofdiameters 32 µm at a frequency f = 400 Hz. The vertical arrow indicates the oscillating plate and corresponds to 1 mm. More information in the article
Credit C. Planchette et A.L. Biance

Liquid flow within aqueous foams
With F. Rouyer, O. Pitois, R. Mensire (in english), K. Piroird, H.Stone
- Water flow in aqueous foams
- Oil flow in aqueous foams

A fluorescent oil drop initially sitting on a flat surface is connected to a dark dry foam from above. The oil invades the liquid framework of the foam revealing its architecture. The oil and the surface active agents have been selected with great care so that the oil is not an antifoaming agent of the foam. Image width 4 cm.
More information in this article , this one, also this one and that one
Credit K. Piroird

Monodisperse production of liquid objects using microfluidics
With B. Laborie (in english), D. Angelescu, F. Rouyer, H.Stone, D.Weitz, A. Utada
- Drops in drops
- Crystalline foams
- Polymerosome
- Yield stress fluid foam

Sequence of images showing the formation of a bubble in a step emulsification device. The thickness of the left part of the device is small (typically 6 µm). The white gaseous neck is highly confined and stable, while in the right part of the device, the thickness is in the order of 100 µm and the gaseous neck is unstable due to Rayleigh Plateau instability and breaks into bubbles. Moreover, the continuous phase is degazed and the bubbles are blown using CO2 (highly soluble in degazed water) and tiny volume fraction of fluorinated gas insoluble in the continuous phase. The bubbles therefore empty until there is nearly no CO2 left inside of them thus forming nanobubbles of insoluble gas.
More information in the article and in this one
Credit Dan E. Angelescu et R. Hohler

Impact and wetting of droplet
With C. Planchette, O. Pitois, A.L.Biance, A. Delbos et D. Quéré, G. Brenn
- Wetting and Impact of droplet on conical, cylindrical and inclined fibers
- Drop impact in a hole or in a pore
- Collisions of immiscible liquid drops

Two sequences of images illustrating the impact of a drop on a thin fibre (typically 500 microns in diameter). Depending on the relative distance between the drop center and the axis of the fiber, we either observe (bottom) centered impact where the droplet is sliced into two volumes of nearly equal size or an off-centered impact where the droplet is sliced into a big and a small volume. The small one is captured by the fiber. Thus the efficiency of the drop capture with a fiber critically depends on the geometry. More information in this article


- Since 2018 : Nanopores and nanomembranes technologies - 2nd Master - Université Grenoble Alpes
- 2010 - 2018 : Part time professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Ecole Polytechnique


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