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The laboratory is a joint unit CNRS - Grenoble Alpes University (UMR5588) directed by Bahram Houchmandzadeh (Director) and Irène Ventrillard (Deputy Director).

The Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics (LIPhy) inherits the tradition of the general physics laboratory of the University of Grenoble, recognized by the CNRS since 1966. Since 2007, the laboratory has largely turned its activity towars the interfaces of physics with other disciplines, especially life sciences and environmental sciences, mechanics or applied mathematics.

Physics at LIPhy is seen as not being restricted to a particular field of application: it is a general method of approaching complex phenomena, based on innovative instrumental developments, quantitative modeling, theoretical and numerical analysis.

The LIPhy research teams have developed state-of-the-art techniques in the fields of high resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopy, optical imaging in scattering media, force measurements at micro and nano scale. The laboratory also has an important component of theoretical physics, modeling and high-performance computing, particularly in the fields of statistical physics and complex fluids. The lab is actively involved in collaborations with the major instruments of campus EPN (ESRF, ILL) in the field of complex matter and biological macromolecules. It offers to the local community an access to several experimental platforms (mechanical workshop, microfluidic fabrication, confocal microscopy, microbiology) as well as a structure (Experimentarium) dedicated to the reception of high school and college students.

Research of LIPhy is currently funded mainly by numerous national and European public contracts (ANR, ERC, INSERM, ARC ...) and by ongoing collaborations with space agencies (CNES, ESA). LIPhy is also supported by several laboratories of excellence (Labex) local or national networks as well as by the nanosciences foundation. Its researchers and engineers are currently working with the Linksium and FIST incubators to create several startups or technology transfer projects. The laboratory’s researchers also have contractual research relationships with large companies or SMEs in the fields of optics, complex fluids and interfaces.

With a strong growth of more than 30% in the last ten years, the laboratory brings together today an interdisciplinary and international community of 70 researchers and faculty members associated with more than ten different sections of the CNRS, about sixty doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with various backgrounds, supported by thirty engineers and technicians (administrative management, scientific instrumentation, mechanics, biology, computer science). The LIPhy is one of the poles of interdisciplinarity in physics in the scientific and international community. It provides a fertile environment for developing new themes or welcoming new research teams, in the spirit of creativeness and constant evolution towards new disciplines that prevails since its creation.