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Potsdoc position starting September 2019

Coupled transport phenomena in nano/angstrofluidics

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Flow and transport phenomena in nanometric confinement are peculiar due to enhanced surface effects mediated by fluid/wall interactions. Biology gives fascinating examples of such transport phenomena controlled at the molecular scale and leveraged at a full organ scale such as kidney. The transmembrane channels, for instance, present excellent sieving properties with both large permeability to specific chemicals such as water in aquaporin and exclusion of others such as ions. Mastering such a filtering capability, intrinsically bound to the nanoscale, would benefit to various large scale applications from water desalination to reversely renewable electricity production. These applications rely on the coupling of transport phenomena of solvent, such as water, solutes, such as ions, and electrical charges. In complex confinement, this coupling is far from fully understood.

The work will be focused on fundamental questions related to transport phenomena and wetting in model confinement at the nano or angstrom scale.
These questions will be addressed from an experimental and theoretical point of view, taking benefit from unique innovative measurement tools recently developed in the MODI team [1-3]. The candidate will have the opportunity to work with a PhD student starting in September on this subject. The position, funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), is initially for one year starting from September 2019. Extension to one additional year will be considered according to candidate’s work.

Candidates should have a PhD in physics, or chemical engineering. A strong background in fluid mechanics, interfacial science, soft matter, material science or physico-chemistry will be appreciated. The ability to deal both with experimental work and theoretical modeling is compulsory. Candidates should fill at ease with publication work.

To apply to this offer, please submit the following documents to Cyril Picard ( :

  • A curriculum vitae
  • Names and contacts to at least 2 referees
  • A cover letter with details about future plans
  • A link to your Phd manuscript

Position will start as early as September 2019.

[1] Michelin et al. Giant osmotic pressure in the forced wetting of hydrophobic nanopores, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015)
[2] Cross et al. Wall slip of complex fluids : Interfacial friction versus slip length, Phys. Rev. Fluids, 3.6 (2018)
[3] Sharma et al. A direct sensor to measure minute liquid flow rates, Nano Letters 18 (2018)