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Controlling ion channels activity using photoactivatable toxins

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Photoactivatable toxins targeting ion channels, derived from animal venoms, have the potential to control the activity of excitable cells with high spatiotemporal precision. An international consortium including researchers from the LIPhy developed a new technology to cage these peptides, enabling precise spatiotemporal control of neuronal ion channels associated with excitability. This technology opens the gate for novel opportunities in translational research and light-guided therapeutic interventions.

Figure legend. The figure shows the evolution of the action potential of a cortical pyramidal neuron as the cell approaches the area where a toxin blocking sodium channels is photo-released. The action potential is fully blocked when the axon is positioned over this area.

Voir en ligne : In vivo spatiotemporal control of voltage-gated ion channels by using photoactivatable peptidic toxins. Montnach J, Blömer LA, Lopez L, Filipis L, Meudal H, Lafoux A, Nicolas S, Chu D, Caumes C, Béroud R, Jopling C, Bosmans F, Huchet C, Landon C, Canepari M, De Waard M.