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The "song" from a network of vibrating micro-bubbles

A network of bubbles vibrating under an...

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A network of bubbles vibrating under an ultrasonic field gives rise to extraordinary acoustic and hydrodynamic behavior, such as a gigantic emission or absorption of sound, or large flows around bubbles (see photograph).
In addition to theses properties, a theoretical prediction states that under certain conditions, bubbles can reemit collectively a part of the sound as an intense acoustic radiation at a certain wavelength : this is the SASER effect, acoustic equivalent of the laser.

The objective of this experimental internship will be to understand the conditions giving rise to a collective behavior of micro bubbles.
Using an acoustic field the student will study
- the collective behavior of a large network of bubbles
- the ultrasonic absorption and emission for this network

Contacts :

Pierre Thibault,, tél : 0668104915,

Philippe Marmottant

Thomas Combriat,, tél : 0652346682.