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7 June 2021

How pressure limits tumors

In the past, doctors had noticed that a slight mechanical compression sometimes limited the growth of tumors. Centuries later, a similar effect was observed in vitro: aggregates of tumor cells grow less quickly when subjected to a low pressure (a few kPa). Why is this?

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7 March 2021

United, we stand

By orienting themselves to each other, fish increase their individual ability to find a preferred direction such as the direction of the flow. Indeed, in the presence of current in rivers or in the sea, a school of fish can decide to remain motionless to feed, for example. In this numerical study, we first modeled the social interactions within the school that cause the fish to align with each other.

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5 February 2021

Platonic bubble vibrations

Underwater spherical bubbles are good acoustic resonators but are notoriously difficult to stabilize. Here, to circumvent these limitations researchers from LIPhy trapped bubbles within 3D-manufactured millimetric open frames having the shape of the five Platonic solids with identical faces (4 to 20 faces). We thus obtained « Platonic bubbles », stabilized during several days. We measured their acoustic vibration under driving, and we observe that their resonance frequency obeys a simple formula in spite of the shape complexity.

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1 February 2021

Optimal information on something invisible

How to measure objects that cannot be seen under normal circumstances? There is a way to modify the beam of a laser so that it provides exactly the information desired despite the presence of an environment that can be complex and messy. Moreover, this procedure does not work in an approximate way, but in an optimal way in the physical sense of the term: nature does not allow for better measuring accuracy with the coherent light of a laser.

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5 January 2021

Optical measurement of sodium currents in the axon initial segment

The action potential is the fundamental signal of neuronal cells. In mammalian neurons, this signal is generated in the initial segment of the axon by a fast sodium current mediated by voltage-gated sodium channels. Luiza Filipis and Marco Canepari have developed a unique method allowing the measurement of the sodium current in the axon initial segment during the action potential generation. This novel technique opens the gate to the full understanding of neuronal excitation and to the investigation of genetic diseases caused by neuronal excitability dysfunction.

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