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3D acoustic-resolution hybrid US/PA imager

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Using nanosecond pulsed light, photoacoustic imaging can be achieved at the acoustic resolution when using arrays of acoustic detectors. While we recently focused our efforts on 2-dimensional imaging using conventional linear transducers, we will develop a 3D real time photoacoustic imager through the design of arrays of detectors positioned on a spherical shell. While light delivery and acoustic coupling will be optimized, software development will concern imaging sequences, signal processing and user interface to navigate in the samples while displaying simultaneously processed 3D ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging volumes in real-time. The integration of a tunable laser will enable PA spectroscopy with the quantification of oxygenation and the identification of specific molecular signatures. As part of the Coherence ERC project, this prototype will provide both ultrasound and super-resolution images in the 3D field-of-view of the spherical probe.