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2020 Publication Award of JOR

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The Journal of Rheology has awarded its 2020 "Publication award" to Abhinendra Singh, Romain Mari, Morton M. Denn & Jeffrey F. Morris for their work on dense and frictional suspensions.

Congratulations to the authors. Their work has made it possible to reproduce the remarkable properties of a very counter-intuitive phenomenon of complex fluids: shear thickening. This is what happens when the viscosity of a suspension increases by several orders of magnitude when it is sheared. It is by focusing on the role of contacts between particles that the authors were able to propose this important advance in the understanding of this category of non-Newtonian fluids.

Romain Mari is currently CNRS researcher at LIPhy.

The awarded publication ’A constitutive model for simple shear of dense frictional suspensions, J. Rheol. 62(2), 457-468 (2018)’.