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Manipulation d’ondes

PIs : E. Bossy, B. Arnal, A. Delon, H. Guillet de Chatellus, E. Lacot, S. Costrel, P. Moreau, I. Wang

While conventional imaging methods usually rely on focusing waves or equivalently, ballistic wave propagation, imaging through complex media is usually impeded by complex propagation features such as aberration, multi-modal propagation or multiple scattering. In particular, this is the case when one wants to perform optical imaging at depth in biological tissue, or when one wants to image through multi-mode waveguides.

Two main approaches will be developed in the team to tackle the problem of imaging through complex media, based on the general concept of wave manipulation :


PIs : B. Arnal, E. Bossy, H. Guillet de Chatelus, O. Hugon, O. Jacquin, E. Lacot
Technical support : P. Moreau, I. Wang
Wave manipulation...
1 Talbot effect
Short description.
Image (...)

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Talbot effect

Finally, a third research axis will be explored in the context of wave manipulation, toward the understanding and the application of Talbot effect to imaging of complex media. More specifically, (...)

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Through optical patterning

A first approach consists in taking profit from patterns naturally formed after propagation through the medium of interest, such as speckle patterns. In the context of imaging through biological (...)

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Wavefront shaping

A second approach consist in shaping the wave before it enters the complex media, in order to control the patterns at the location of interest. In optics, both Optima and MOTIV team share (...)

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