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AFM characterization of gel particles - Application to living cells

This study is part of the ANR CellDance project which explores a new approach combining nanophotonics and microfluidics to measure the mechanical response of individual cells for diagnostic purposes. Indeed, the deformability of individual cells is an indicator of certain diseases such as malaria. In this master project, we propose a first study on the mechanical measurement of gel beads whose mechanical properties mimic those of red blood cells.

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Intrinsically disordered proteins from a polymer physics perspective

The discovery of intrinsically unfolded or disordered proteins (IDPs) approximately 20 years ago has caused a paradigm shift away from the original picture that it is mainly protein structure which determines protein function. Rather, IDPs constitute a crucial fraction of the proteins in a living organism and are defined by their lack of a stable, ordered three-dimensional structure.

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CO2 capture by a blood foam

In order to limit global warming, several IPCC scenarios are based on an intensive capture of CO2 from the atmosphere to reduce the greenhouse effect induced by it. The objective of this internship is to realize a prototype allowing to capture and concentrate CO2, inspired by the one realized by the respiratory system of the living beings for oxygen.

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Connectomic analysis of multiscale biological cellular networks

Morphometric studies of cell networks currently constitute an important challenge in bioimaging. The goal of this internship is to develop graph analysis including geometry and symmetry characteristics of the cellular network in bone.

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Molecular quantification of density and oligomerization

Counting and characterizing molecules in their biological environment is an important challenge for our fundamental understanding of life and for clinical prospects. In this internship, we will develop a technique called pbFFS for photobleaching Fluctuation Fluorescence Spectroscopy to quantify molecular oligomerization, clustering or aggregation, which mediate a myriad of biochemical processes.

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Physics of acoustic sensing with pulsating 3D bubbles

Bubbles in water behave as very good oscillators, with a strong acoustic resonance. Their close environment influences the resonance frequency: near a solid surface the frequency decreases.
Recently our laboratory has developed a technique to stabilize bubbles by capturing them in 3D structures made by precise 3D printing (stereolithography, see figure). We have shown that bubbles can still vibrate widely in these structures under acoustic excitation, while having a lifetime of more than several days! The objective of the project is to understand the physics of “acoustic sensing” with a bubble, i.e. using a bubble to detect the presence of nearby materials and measure their elasticity.

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The Bacterial Nucleoid

The dynamics of the chromosomal DNA of bacteria is arguably simpler than that of eukaryotic cells. Indeed, it is not separated from the rest of the cytoplasm by the nuclear envelope, and its (...)

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