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PhD proposals

Some of the open PhD positions at the moment in the lab, feel free to contact the researchers directly and visit the physics, mechanics or biologydoctoral school website.

Evanescent field patterning for optogenetic activation of live cells

Optogenetics probes are engineered proteins the isomerization state of which can be controlled with light illumination (generally in the 400 – 540 nm range). Upon optical activation these (...)

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Equilibrium and transport in confined electrolytes

Understanding the physics of confined electrolytes is essential for the development of new energy technologies. It involves not only the harvesting of energy (osmotic energy [1]), but also its storage (batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors), and thus corresponds to major societal challenges.

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Living droplets: cell spreading as a wetting problem

The shape assumed by living cells plays a major role in its physiological function. As a cell spreads on a flat substrate, it takes a shape which is only partly reminiscent of the one of a liquid droplet. Indeed, the surface concavity reverses from convex to concave close to the triple line that it forms with the substrate. This change of curvature sign is a key information about the mechanical balance that governs cell shape.

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