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PhD proposals

Some of the open PhD positions at the moment in the lab, feel free to contact the researchers directly and visit the physics, mechanics or biologydoctoral school website.

Intrinsically disordered proteins from a polymer physics perspective

Funded Ph D. at Institut Laue Langevin (Grenoble).
The discovery of intrinsically unfolded or disordered proteins (IDPs) approximately 20 years ago has caused a paradigm shift away from the original picture that it is mainly protein structure which determines protein function. Rather, IDPs constitute a crucial fraction of the proteins in a living organism and are defined by their lack of a stable, ordered three-dimensional structure.

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Thermal stability and criticality of surfactant free microemulsions under various constraints in view of their applications in green chemistry.

UltraFlexible MicroEmulsions are a class of ternary or quaternary complex fluids that are also referred to as "surfactant-free microemulsion". The mixing of water, a partially miscible polar "oil", and a co-solvent with "hydrotropic" property is representative of mixtures found in numerous important applications. The goal of the PhD is to model the dynamics of the system as well as the influence of external fields like gravitation field.

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