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PhD proposals

Some of the open PhD positions at the moment in the lab, feel free to contact the researchers directly and visit the physics doctoral school website.

A crowd of Microswimmers

It has recently been established that the paradoxical effects observed in crowd dynamics persist in a very wide variety of systems: in a granular silo, in a suspension as well as for a flock of sheep or in a crowd of pedestrians. A physicist’s approach therefore invites us to look for a common physical mechanism behind these measured observables. How microhydrodynamics will affect crowd dynamics is the question we will address in this project.

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Elementary Mechanisms in Gas Separation using Zeolite Membranes: Experiment and Molecular Modeling

Membrane science is at the heart of processes impacting our economy/ecology with applications in energy storage/conversion, environmental protection, gas separation, etc. [Nature 543, 690 (...)

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Experimental and computational analysis of bacterial self-replicators

The growth of bacteria is fundamentally an optimization problem which consists in allocating resources to cellular functions so as to maximize growth rate or another fitness criterion. Simple (...)

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high sensitivity laser spectroscopy of molecular absorption continua

Laboratory high sensitivity laser spectroscopy of molecular absorption continua for the modeling of the atmospheres of telluric planets

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