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Talks Given at LIPhy

Invited Talks

These talks are given by invited speakers at LIPhy. The intended audience is the whole LIPhy. A large general introduction intended for non-specialist is usually provided.
Typical talk duration (...)

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Local speakers

Séminaires généraux donnés par les membres du LIPhy. L’objectif est que les membres du LIPhy connaissent les recherches menées par leurs collègues.
Les séminaires se déroulent en principe tous les (...)

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PhD’s seminars

The PhD seminars take place one friday (or more) by month : from 4:00 to 5:00 two PhD students or interns give a 15 minutes presentation (limit 30 min), followed by a few questions.
Everybody (...)

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PhD’s defenses/HDR

PhD thesis defense are held at the conference room. Access to the lab is granted these days to the public at large.
Manuscripts can then be downloaded (...)

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