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Post Doc proposals

Post Doc proposals at the moment at LIPhy

Program "Stable lipid bilayers past the boiling point of water"

Compartimentalization is a key point in the evolution of life, since it allowed to form cells, and define an insideand an outside. It allowed cells to create chemical gradients and harvest their (...)

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Coupled transport phenomena in nano/angstrofluidics

Flow and transport phenomena in nanometric confinement are peculiar due to enhanced surface effects mediated by fluid/wall interactions. Biology gives fascinating examples of such transport (...)

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Simulation and modelling of shear-thickening suspensions

We have an opening for a 18-month postdoctoral researcher, starting from February 2019, to work on the simulation and modelling of shear-thickening suspensions in Universit√© Grenoble-Alpes, (...)

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Stress-Induced Bioluminescence as a Stress Sensor in Complex Fluids

Context: Dinoflagellate cells are able to emit bioluminescence. Some species, like Lingulodinium Polyedrum (LP), emit bright blue light flashes once submitted to a shear stress. This is (...)

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